We’re all in this together!

At Breckenridge UMC, we strive to be a community that love’s God, one another and serve our neighbors. 

We know that various aspect of life leads us to seek out the unconditional love of God; and our doors are open so that we can do this together.  We learn, grow and come together as a congregation to cultivate our faith in God. 

As a community, we firmly believe in walking along side one another as we each explore our unique path and salvation through the kingdom of Christ.  

Breckenridge’s worship is in a relaxed atmosphere so come as you are!

We are working to utilize a modern-day approach to worship, by using:

  • A blend of traditional and contemporary music to lift the week’s burdens through song.
  • Relevant sermons with a dash of wit and humor in order to rejuvenate the heart and mind.
  • Warmth and smiles to greet you at the door.
  • Living out our mission.
  • Emphasis on Loving God, one another and our community.
  • All tied together for the building of the Kingdom of God, the good of our community and sharing the gospel throughout the world.